Decorative Wall Hooks

Hooks are very practical for hanging coats, caps, backpacks, towels, etc., but they don't need
to be boring curved bits of metal or plastic. Hooks can be decorative and fun as well as functional.

HOOKUPS put fun into FUNctional.

Hookups are made of brass => They are durable and strong, and can be firmly attached to the wall with 2 screws.

From an artistic standpoint, brass is an ideal material to work with. Many different patinas can be created with brass to produce an artistic look with unique colors and surface patterns/structures.

A patina is a layer formed on copper or bronze by natural weathering. Artificial treatment with chemicals can also be used to produce a patina in a relatively short time (days versus years) and, with a fairly predictable appearance. Metal artisans have developed certain methods and approaches to meet this end.


The chemicals and heating method used on this recent limited series of lizard hooks created a patina with varying shades and patterns of green over a predominately black background.